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We invest our expertise and experience in young people, so we regularly recruit high school and university students. We also offer practical training and thesis options.

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We are expanding our team to support the overall digitisation of the sector, the development of network management solutions, the overall transformation of business information systems, the development of smart grid concepts and the development of forecasting systems.


– You want to confirm (upgrade) your knowledge and skills in a team that is focused on the future, on the development of the company and the development of its employees.

– Test your knowledge and build on it.

– We particularly welcome qualified electricians, electrical fitters, programmers and other technical professionals who enjoy dynamic and team-oriented work. The work is mostly field-based, mainly in EU countries, occasionally outside.

– We are happy to welcome ambitious young people who are eager to learn new skills, gain experience, find validation and develop their own potential.

Please send anything you would like to tell us about yourself to: zaposlitev@emg.si or via the contact form.

For further information please call +386 2 795 23 22

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